How To Find A Bar Consultant In Vancouver


1 Quick Step to Finding a Bar Consultant in Vancouver

  1.  You’re done!  Congratulations, you’ve found me!  😀

All jokes aside, here are a few things you should look for if we can’t get our schedules to align working together.

Depth, Not Breadth

Look out for anyone who claims to have a fix for every little thing.  A good consultant will certainly listen to every issue you bring up, but he will know that almost all of them will be resolved by fixing one or two key issues in the way you’re running your business.  Look for someone who will use their strengths and experience to get to the heart of the matter and let the solutions flow outward from there.  I know my strengths are Business Systems and Staff/Management Training.  I can leverage these tools to both greatly increase revenue and drastically reduce overhead in almost any environment.  You can check out snippet of my thoughts on Staff Training here.

Local Market Experience

Knowing what types of crowds go to what kinds of places.  Knowing the areas where certain genres will thrive.  Knowing the laws and regulations.  Knowing the ins and outs of inventory, rent and staff costs in the area.  Nothing beats knowing the local market…well, except intimately knowing the local market AND having vast experience worldwide.

Past Success and Good Reviews

Find out how long they have been in the business and their origin story.  Look for a large past client list and reach out to owners and managers for reviews on how it was working with your prospective consultant.  Go check those places out; get a feel for the kind of work they do.  Look at a portfolio of their past work – perhaps having been showcased by a series on the Food Network!  Then set up an initial consultation and see how it feels working together.  I can chat with a bar owner and know in less than 30 minutes just how much I can help them and have a good overview idea of how.

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