Who Is John Green?

John was born and bred in London England, at 17 he moved to California where he graduated with a Business & General Management degree from Fresno State University.   John returned to London keen to further his passion as a restaurateur and learned the ropes as a waiter, maitre d’ and bartender. He soon opened his first restaurant, Room At The Top, in trendy Camden Town.  John did all this while being a member of the cast in the West End Musical “Me and My Girl”, starring Emma Thompson.

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John’s Philosopy

The key to success is People; People; and Oh Yeah, People!  

When asked how he has had such success creating F&B teams all around the world, the answer is always the same.      

My hiring practices, my methods, my training!”   

  1. His hiring philosophy is founded on the principal, would you rather struggle to hold back wild horses or flog dead donkeys? Hire people with big personalities, you can teach anyone how to make a drink but you can’t teach them to have a great personality. Think of interviews as an audition’s and start from there.   
  2. Training is the real key to success. Without training the word team becomes meaningless, because without it your Guest will never be certain of what to expect. 

New opening training is usually a four week program comprised of classroom, pre-opening, soft opening and post opening training. Post opening training is customized to each client’s needs. 

In short, Good People = Good Business

What Can John Do For You?

No matter what the size or state of your business is it can always be improved. John offers a full range of services commencing with a business review where John spends time in your business, first as a (secret) guest sampling food, beverage and service etc., followed by a hands-on period behind the scenes reviewing systems and looking at all aspects of performance producing a follow-up report evaluating performance with recommendations and a plan of action for how he can help you improve your business.

Who Is John Green Continued…

John’s reputation grew as one of the best bartenders in the world resulting in him being featured in Cosmopolitan magazine as one of the six people who make London what it is and promotional tours of the UK and Greece on behalf of various brands. John’s career skyrocketed when he founded Bar Biz with his close friend Tim Bacon. Bar Biz quickly became a huge success getting hired all around the world to design and consult for restaurants and bars for a multitude of clients from independent operators to large restaurant and hotel chains such as Bass and Hilton Hotels.

John seized an opportunity and moved to Asia where he owner/operated the famed China Jump in Hong Kong and The Jump in Malaysia. Next, John developed a unique concept called Wall St. in Kuala Lumpur where drink prices changed every 30 seconds based on demand and supply!

Other showcase projects included lead consultant in the makeover and relaunch of The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, opening and operating The Quay in Vancouver, R&D and business plan production for the development of the Tzar Bar concept for Smirnoff in London.

From his bartender and theatre days John always had a flair for entertainment which combined with his reputation led to his becoming a TV host on the Food Network in the USA, where he hosted On The Rocks, a bar restaurant rescue show.

Most recently John has overseen the development of a 150,000 sq. ft. high-rise and retail space in South Granville, Vancouver scheduled to open in 2021 where he will reopen a banquet business called Diamond Ballroom. John also has an option on the ground floor restaurant space where he is researching and developing plans to open a Masonic pub and Speakeasy.


Bars & Restaurants

Bar and Restaurant concepts currently under development include:

Freemason Speakeasy and Masonic Pub – To be located in the new Vancouver Masonic Centre due to open in 2021.  John is currently developing the business plan and looking for investors for this Masonic Pub and Speakeasy housed in, and designed around the mysterious world of Freemasonry!  

Tower Restaurant and Bar Los Angeles – John is in the early stages of development for his new concept “Tower”, which he plans to launch in LA with his TV land connections. 

*If you are interested in these or other Investment opportunities please contact John.

Property Development

VMCA John is the Vice President in charge of this $55mil development in Vancouver.  The venue will house a banquet facility operated by John and a Masonic Speakeasy & Pub amongst other things!


ON THE ROCKS – John’s first Tv show was “On The Rocks”, Food Network’s first ever bar show!

Current shows being pitched by John’s agent:

BAR STARS – A bartender competition show.

THE WORLDS MOST UNIQUE BARS & RESTAURANTS – A Travel show highlighting some of the world’s coolest and most unique food and beverage experiences.

THE STING – A ‘gotcha’ show where John catches the crooks and con artists ripping the public off.

Promotional Tours and Representation

John lends his name and offers promotional services internationally, including working with:

Miller Coors – assisting them with their Building With Beer program for retailers and speaking at the Millar Coors University and National Convention.

Grand Metropolitan (Rebel Yell Bourbon) – Tour of Greece

Whyte MacKay (Vladivar Vodka) – Tour of UK


John is currently writing an industry book entitled “When Did Service Become A Dirty Word?

For more information please contact John at: